Sunday, February 14, 2010

Love is..

Love is just a word, until someone you meet gives it a proper meaning.
author unknown

Love sat on my lap today.  Love wore a pink bow in her hair and ate pancakes for breakfast.  Love stirred alphabet soup in a plastic cup and served it to Grandpa...over and over.  Love shook her tiny finger at her puppy and said "no" when he tried to share her toys.  Love hugged her Mommy and "bumped" her little fist into her Daddy's hand.  Love reached up and rubbed potato soup in her curls...and giggled when her Mother told her "no"!    Love brought book after book to Grandma for reading.  Love played in the bathtub...and gave bedtime hugs and kisses.  Love is so much more than a word in this's nine words,  nine little faces (soon to be ten) that fill our hearts with joy.  We are so blessed.

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Anna said...

Oh B, that is just the sweetest picture!!! Elliot props himself up like that and it just melts my heart!