Saturday, May 16, 2009

Father Daughter dancin....

Meet Kim, Tinker Bell and Mary Poppins Side Kick!
On Mother's Day, we were treated to a Cheer - Tumbling - Dance recital. It was the end of the year event for little K...but to make his daughter..and wife happy, Bill joined a group of Dads to learn a dance routine for "Step In Time" fun. (you can find the bootleg video for the historic event on Kim's Facebook page). Kim was the backstage hair and make up Queen, Tinker Bell amazed us with her cartwheels and Pink Diamond cheering...and Bill dazzled us with his dancin ability. (Kevin is notifying Chip and Dales that new talent is soon available!) The program was fun...and Grandpa treated the tiny dancer to her very own pink roses.

Almost 12...

but going on 20!
What a handsome , smart young man he's become! He can text with flying fingers, keeps us updated on Facebook...and has his summer lined up with basketball camps and baseball. He still smiles patiently at his old Grandma as she snaps yet another picture...we love you lots, T!

Mr. Funny Face

When I grow up, I want to be a little boy!
This picture of N, getting harder and harder to take...reminds me of something my Mother used to say..."don't make those funny faces or your face will freeze that way!". I guess if it's the only pictures he'll let Grandma take, he'll have them posted for all the world to see! We love you, N...funny faces or not!

May Day 2009

May your heart be as light as a song!

May 1, 2009...the May day celebration at school. On a windy Friday, the first day of May, I watched and laughed and danced and the children celebrated spring in a grand way! Held every other year, 2009 found two grandsons in the celebration. A great time...good entertainment...and it ended with the kids having a great laugh as their teachers did a little dance for them!

Catching April

Photos from the family tree in Denver....Chad and Susan and Guido and Grandpa Joe...waiting patiently (on most days) for the day they can go to get little K. Recently, we've been treated to some new photos and she just gets cuter and cuter. And for us...we're patiently waiting for the day we can get her picture on here for all of you to see! She has the most beautiful eyes....they just capture your heart! Until then, little Guido fills their days...and their hearts with love!