Saturday, May 16, 2009

Father Daughter dancin....

Meet Kim, Tinker Bell and Mary Poppins Side Kick!
On Mother's Day, we were treated to a Cheer - Tumbling - Dance recital. It was the end of the year event for little K...but to make his daughter..and wife happy, Bill joined a group of Dads to learn a dance routine for "Step In Time" fun. (you can find the bootleg video for the historic event on Kim's Facebook page). Kim was the backstage hair and make up Queen, Tinker Bell amazed us with her cartwheels and Pink Diamond cheering...and Bill dazzled us with his dancin ability. (Kevin is notifying Chip and Dales that new talent is soon available!) The program was fun...and Grandpa treated the tiny dancer to her very own pink roses.

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