Friday, January 29, 2010

Nutty as a fruitcake...

Stealing away a few hours on a sunny winter Friday, we made a trip
to the Beatrice Bakery...home of the best little fruitcake in America?
Now Johnny Carson told us that there was really only one fruitcake
in the world, and that people kept sending it to each other....but
as of this Friday afternoon, I can tell you that there are indeed many,
many fruitcakes....and some of them are actually good!  (or so Joe tells
me!)  We left there a short 30 minutes later, several fruitcakes in hand,
munching on chocolate covered raspberries and pears and cranberries...
much wiser in the ways of fruitcakes....and now in search of the best little
chocolate store in America.... for me!

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