Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Super Spellers!

Placing 2nd in the City (in the 6th / 7th and 8th grade division), T missed only the word "minaret". He received a 50$ bill (which he planned to save most of for his college fund) and a dictionary for his efforts...and looked up the word to tell us what it meant....
(–noun : a lofty, often slender, tower or turret attached to a mosque, surrounded by or furnished with one or more balconies, from which the muezzin calls the people to prayer.)
We found an old scrapbook that showed us his Aunt Susan was a super speller at his age also. Great traits run in the family, huh? All I can say is that only a spell checker keeps me spelling correctly....and I could never have stood so bravely up in the front of a room like either of these super spellers did...I'm proud of them both!

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