Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Cousin Camp 2008

How do two grown adults and five young children spend one of the last summer weekends before school starts? Cousin Camp! This was the fourth annual event, and brought back by popular request, in spite of the fact that Grandpa said last year at the close of camp.....never again! This years camp, Camp BanJoe , complete with the addition of a camp counselor (Tyler) and an art director (Kim) was even bigger and better. Grandpa's yearly water creation was a huge success....Grandma's crafts had vastly improved from beaded necklaces (not a huge hit with the boys last year) to rain sticks and mosaic stepping stones. We included our own version of the PGA competition at the local mini golf course, and Kim and Bill joined the fun on Sunday as camp counselors at a local water park. We added to this a little butterfly chasing, some basketball shooting, an annual Sunday pop tart and root beer breakfast, and our first attempt at home made ice cream.....and produced one fun filled, fight free ...."totally wicked" Cousin Camp weekend. Five tired, but happy children left for home on Sunday afternoon, already planning the event for next summer. Enjoy the pictures......leave us a note with some ideas for the Fifth Annual BanJoe Cousin Camp...and we're now accepting applications for volunteer assistants for the 2009 season!

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Carol said...

Billie, I enjoyed your whole blog. Don't forget you have cousins, too!You have been such a blessing to us through the years. We cherish you so much. I can see your grandchildren cherish you also. Keep doing what your doing. We really must try to get a reunion going soon. What fun it would be for the next generation to meet each other! It's great to share in your family life through this blog! Wishing you much love and happiness. Carol